Emmanuel Sanders Has A ‘Dynamite’ Pick For The Denver Broncos’ New Quarterback

emmanuel sanders
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The Super Bowl honeymoon for the Denver Broncos has officially ended, and the great uncertainty has begun. Peyton Manning’s retirement may have been emotional, but it was largely expected. The real shock was Brock Osweiler, groomed for four years to be Manning’s successor, leaving in free agency to Houston after the Texas backed up a truck-load of money.

Now, the defending champions have to ask themselves the same question as also-rans Cleveland, San Francisco and others — who’s going to be quarterback? Wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders has an answer:

It appears Sanders has a soft spot for quarterbacks a little advanced in years, because that’s Uncle Rico, the man who couldn’t escape his high school glory days in Napoleon Dynamite. Maybe Sanders has seen an extended cut of the movie or something, because from what we’ve seen, Rico never made it over those damn mountains.

Wait a minute — A guy whose career is long over, always ready to give it one more go, with a (supposed) cannon for an arm? Is this a coded message for Brett Favre to lace ’em up and give it one more go?

Nah, but I guarantee you a lot of Broncos fans would rather see the ol’ gunslinger back out there than Tebow anytime soon. (Commence the wave of comments and tweets insisting all Tebow needs is someone to believe in him.)