Erin Andrews Is Either Dead Or Exercising

You may have seen this gallery already. The two best reasons why I can come up with are:
1. You have a google alert set for “Self Magazine”, which would be hilarious, or
2. You frequent one of those sites where a guy is already MS Painting ERIN ANDREWS NASTY BOOBY STRETCH CLICK HERE across the pictures before they’re even uploaded.
Regardless, With Leather likes to consider itself the industry standard in comedy sports blogs who appreciate CrossFit. We also consider ourselves people who enjoy a good Beautiful Woman Exercising and wanted to share these with you. Granted, we also wanted to come up with funny captions for each picture, but the only Erin Andrews jokes are easy (they took these pictures through a peephole, ESPN is going to give Erin her own subsection about CrossFit with articles by Chuck Klosterman, etc.) or perverted (they took these pictures through a peephole, everything she does looks like a sexual position, etc.).
If you want more, the pictures were published a couple of days ago on, and is like the fifth thing you get when you type “Erin Andrews Crossfit”, because a lot of websites have “bro” in their name.
Please click through and enjoy a lady in much better shape than the rest of us. Don’t worry, slideshows are good exercise.