06.12.08 10 years ago 16 Comments

The matron saint of page views, Erin Andrews (Erin Pageviews?), was working last night's game in Wrigley Field between the Cubs and the Braves decked out in what she described as "spelling bee yellow". Erin, around here, we call it "police tape yellow". "Can I have a vowel? Whatever," she bubbles. Hey, there're two vowels in anal. 

Broadcaster and former Cubbie Rick Sutcliffe was so captivated that he declined discussing his upcoming surgery with partner Dave O'Brien in order to speculate on the prospect of the wind exposing Erin's panties.

Sutcliffe: "Well, I'm more worried about Erin, than I was me. Wearing that skirt tonight in the Windy City? You think all eyes weren't on her during batting practice?"

That'll show the grim specter of death that your horndoggish ways can't be suppressed by terminal disease. You hear that, AIDS, I can have all the sex I want!

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