11.27.07 10 years ago 25 Comments

I asked 289 to put together a photo compilation to help us with all the firings and hirings in the world of college football, and he kindly put together the above image.  As you can see, Houston Nutt's (top left) insane rambling about Darren McFadden couldn't save his job, and Nebraska's Bill Callahan (bottom left) also got the ax.  Also, Mike Sherman (sleeping) has been hired to take over the vacancy at Texas A&M, while Les Miles is widely rumored to be in line for Lloyd Carr's vacated spot at Michigan.

Also in that image, the… um, Duke guy, and… whatshisface from Georgia Tech were fired?  Sure, whatever.  In addition, the depraved intensity that is Ed Orgeron has been banished from the state of Mississippi, while Notre Dame's Charlie Weis has also been dismissed.

What?  No one's fired Weis?  Ten-year extension?  Man I don't understand college football at all.

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