Everything You Need To Know About Brady Hoke’s Press Conference In One Colossally Stupid Quote

If you’re wondering whether Brady Hoke will keep his job past this year, wonder no more. The head man for Michigan’s football program just gave a bizarre press conference full of made-up words and mind boggling quotes that make you wonder how he was hired in the first place.

At issue is the treatment of starting quarterback Shane Morris, who took a vicious shot to the head during Saturday’s game against Utah. For some reason, Morris was allowed to re-enter the game despite looking woozy.

Hoke tried to defend himself today but dug a much deeper hole. At one point, he delivered this line about hypothetical situations.

“Again you’re being hypothetical and we’re not going to work in hypothetics.”

Serious question, can we put Vines on tombstones? Because, really, that one is most deserving.

Here are some other nuggets from today’s press conference.