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Does anyone else hear the JAWS theme?

Don't look now, but With Leather staff correctly picked 7 out of 8 of the Sweet Sixteen match-ups. I could point out who made the single mistake because of my his unnatural dislike of a militant sect of the Holy Mother Church, but we're a team here at WL. Anyway, the point is I'm on a roll people, so listen up:

UCLA over Xavier – It is getting slightly loathsome listening to Bill Raftery wax poetic about Kevin Love's (incidentally – Kevin Love was my stage name) inbounding skills, but I would rather spend one more weekend watching the blonde bombshells of the Bruins' spirit squad than some dirty Jesuits.

Louisville over North Carolina – Um, I pretty much have to pick Pitino's squad because I've been proclaiming that the Big East is clearly the top conference this entire season. I mean even a team that finished low in this powerful conglomeration of schools – for example, let's say the cagers who wound up 13th – would have no trouble finding their way to the Sweet Sixteen.

Let me drink sleep on tomorrow's contests. Enjoy the games, and do a shot every time Clark Kellog says 'spurtability', refers to the basketball as an orange, or states that a team is being 'judicious' in their 3-point attempts. -KD

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