A Brief History Of The Best Fake Kiss Cam Moments


On Wednesday night, the Atlanta Hawks staged a brilliant beer spill on their Kiss Cam, which showed a couple making out, but “accidentally” spilling a beer on the couple sitting in front of them. It made its way around social media, with some people wondering if it was fake or not. Well, of course it was fake. The woman with the beer didn’t even do a good job hiding it; she simply poured it right out of her hand. With a bit more effort, the video could have been legendary. But, thanks to pour acting (get it?), we know it was staged.

We also know this isn’t the first time a stadium has staged a fake Kiss Cam faux pas. In fact, it happens all the time at stadiums across the country, with PR teams doing their best to give their fans a good laugh through staged Kiss Cam skits. Here’s a quick rundown of all the best.

Kiss Cam 1

This first video is from a Fresno Grizzlies game. The Kiss Cam went around the stadium, as it’s known to do, but kept coming back to the same couple who weren’t participating. Dude, whom we’ll nickname “Dude,” was on his cell phone and couldn’t be bothered to kiss his lady friend because he had a lot of important business and business-related businessing to attend to. Finally, after much buildup, the young lady had enough and dumped a drink on him, then took off for the exit. Solid execution, but definitely fake.

Kiss Cam 2

Here, our female participant was also with a gentleman who could not be bothered to acknowledge his date. But rather than waste a perfectly good beverage and storm off, she instead turned to the backwards-hat-wearing bro sitting next to her and made out with him. Classic Kiss Cam shenanigans? Yes. Real? Of course not.

Kiss Cam 3

Our third video took place earlier this year during a game between the Bulls and Celtics in Chicago. Bulls’ mascot Benny the Bull got in on the action by stealing a Celtics fan’s girlfriend away from him and carrying her off to the concourse. Don’t mess with Benny the Bull, young man. You’ll get the horns.

Kiss Cam 4

Sorry about the sound quality of this next one, but we once again have a Kiss Cam participant who moves on to a “stranger” after getting rebuffed by his date. This time, the roles are reversed, and it’s a man finding a different woman. The acting is at least pretty decent in this one, but it’s still fake.

Kiss Cam 5

This last one is legendary. As the story goes, the camera focused on these two “unsuspecting” Kiss Cam participants multiple times. With each new pass, the crowd grew increasingly impatient that they were not getting the kiss they wanted. Finally, after several minutes, the dude whipped out a sign that said “My Sister” on it. Now, I really want to believe that this guy happens to carry around a sign that’s only useful under the most ridiculous of circumstances, but that’s not bloody likely. It’s still a solid video, though.

I suppose each of these videos are humorous in their own way. As for their spontaneous authenticity? Sorry, Kiss Cam fans, but I’m afraid I have to side with Elaine Benes on this one.

(Vine via Matthew Saysongkham)