The Falcons Lost To The Chargers After A Defender Dropped The Ball On A Late Fumble Return

The Chargers and Falcons are two franchises best known for their ability to find unique ways to lose football games, which is why Sunday’s meeting between the two was so intriguing for real NFL sickos.

The two teams managed to live up to the hype (if you can call it that) as neither team seemed to want to win the game. Each team had multiple hilarious turnovers, often in succession, including a third quarter sequence where Khalil Mack ripped the ball out of Drake London’s hands at the 5 and then the Chargers immediately threw an interception after hitting a wide open receiver in the helmet.

That was just the appetizer for one of the dumbest sequences of football you will ever see. L.A., simply trying to run clock and set up the game-winning field goal, handed it off to Austin Ekeler, who couldn’t help but try to reach out for the first down despite that really not being necessary with Atlanta unable to stop the clock and inside 40 seconds to play. As he reached the ball out, he fumbled and the ball rolled to Ta’Quon Graham, who scooped it and took off up the sideline, hoping to set up a winning field goal attempt for the Falcons, until he just straight up dropped the football at the 40, with the Chargers recovering.

It’s honestly unbelievable and if you wrote it into a script about these two teams it’d get thrown out for being too on the nose. The Chargers would take advantage of the reprieve, with Justin Herbert finding a receiver on a corner route to push L.A. back into field goal range, where Cameron Dicker punched home the winning kick to mercifully end a very dumb football game.