Falcons Punter Matt Bosher Unleashed A Devastating Tackle On A Panthers Returner

Getty Image

Matt Bosher is a professional football player and he’s tired of your slander about special teams players not able to throw down. Bosher is among a growing class of punters that demand respect from their peers, and he’s taking it out on anyone who dares to field his kicks and try to gain yardage for the opponent.

That happened on Sunday when his Atlanta Falcons took on the Carolina Panthers. Bosher came in to punt in the second half and turned the game on its head by crushing a Panthers return man with an open-field tackle that most special teamers not kicking the ball can’t manage to land.

Bosher let rip a beauty on Sunday against the Jaguars and then finished the job himself, tracking down Kenjon Barner himself and, well, throwing him to the ground. Seriously, it’s a thing of beauty.

Bosher even took the opportunity to flex over Barner’s withered body, shocked that the punter just put him on his ass. Some Panthers players took exception to the celebration, but honestly can you blame Bosher here?

It’s a glorious triumph for anyone who thinks punters don’t get the respect they deserve. It’s also worth five points if you have Bosher in a fantasy punters league which is a real think you should definitely check out.