Falcons Tackle Ty Sambrailo Gave Us The Best Big Man Touchdown Of 2019

It’s Week 17 in the NFL season and for many teams, their fate has already been decided. For the Atlanta Falcons and Tampa Bay Buccaneers, there will be no playoffs and once today’s games are finished they will head into the offseason for some much deserved rest. Neither team has anything to play for beyond respect and bragging rights.

This is also the perfect time for teams to open up their playbooks and use some of those fun plays they’ve had tagged for special situations, such as sending offensive lineman Ty Sambrailo on a seam route up the middle for a touchdown like the Falcons did on Sunday.

Look at this man! Watch him sprint upfield rumbling his way to the endzone all alone. It’s a wonderous site and we are all blessed to witness it.

Let’s be blunt about this: there’s nothing better in the NFL than big burly lineman scoring touchdowns. Defensive lineman and offensive lineman rarely ever make trips to the endzone so when we get the chance to see it we relish in it. However, while it’s still rare, we’re entering something of a big man renaissance in the NFL. More teams than ever are designating their offensive lineman as receivers or bringing in defensive lineman as fullbacks, so they can catch defenses off guard. It’s beautiful really.

According to Pro Football Reference, this is not only the first touchdown of his entire career but also his first reception. So congrats to him. If we’re all lucky this is going to even more common in the future and offensive lineman everywhere will turn into receiving threats.