A ‘Family Feud Canada’ Disaster Involved Mixing Up Popeye And Popeye’s

Family Feud is a simple enough show: You are given a prompt, and you have to guess how other humans would have responded to that same prompt. It’s not always easy, especially when it’s an earlier round in the game and you have to figure out seven or eight responses, but as the game goes on, it is supposed to get easier and easier to figure out the top responses.

Here is an example of how this is not supposed to go. The tiebreaker question at the end of the game to determine which family goes onto Fast Money, should it be necessary, is supposed to be more of a test of a person’s reaction time than anything else — it’s something very obvious, and the first person to hear the question and press the buzzer is supposed to win. Thanks to our neighbors to the north, though, that did not happen.

This clip comes via Family Feud Canada, and was teased by its host, Gerry Dee, before the episode aired on Thursday.

There have been a great many disastrous answers like this on the Feud over the years — the two best ones are, undoubtedly, the time a delightfully British guy kept saying “turkey” and the time someone responded to “during what month of pregnancy does a woman begin to look pregnant” with “September.” This one certainly deserves to join Family Feud lore, too, and as an added bonus, it makes me really want to go get Popeye’s.