Win $500 With FanDuel Fantasy Baseball And Make Me Feel Like Justin Verlander

We’re playing FanDuel fantasy baseball again this week, and one way or another I’ll end up feeling like Justin Verlander. If I win, I’m the Justin Verlander who gets to shack up with Kate Upton. If I lose horribly, I’m the Justin Verlander who ruined the All-Star Game.

We’re capping the league at 275 spots this week, so sign up as soon and as often as possible. We’re letting you register up to three teams, and the entry fee is only two dollars. Turning two bucks into 500 is a pretty sweet deal, especially if you do it by clicking your mouse what … 11, 12 times? Don’t be the guy who won’t do that.

As always, here’s how we’re playing:

So yeah, SIGN UP FOR THIS THING PLZ. It’s fun, cheap, and can win you a bunch of money. I’ll let you decide how many of those describe Kate Upton.