This Minor League Team’s Promotion Featured Fans Throwing Underwear On The Ice

The Bakersfield Condors used to be an ECHL team, but the franchise was moved to Oklahoma City after last season. The team moving jeopardized a second annual “Undie Sunday” in which fans were encouraged to throw their undergarments onto the ice (that they brought with them in packaging, not the ones on their bodies) after a Condors’ goal to raise awareness for the need for underwear for the less fortunate.

Thankfully, the AHL has brought a new version of the Condors to Bakersfield this year, and we once again were privy to one of the most bizarre promotions in professional sports, as the now renamed “Sock Toss Sunday” (a much weaker name, in my opinion) took place this past Sunday against the San Diego Gulls.

When the Condors’ Matthew Ford scored in the second period, that was the cue for the fans to begin tossing their briefs, boxers, thongs, bras, or whatever other form of undergarments they had on them onto the ice (go to the :30 second mark of the video above to see the fun begin).

I don’t know about you, but hearing a play-by-play commentator remark in excitable fashion “Here come the undies!” is not something I ever really expected to hear.