Fantasy Football Heartbreak: Tracking The Worst Moments From Week 7

Entertainment Editor


Another week, another injury that will affect quite a few players on our fantasy teams. Week 7’s sacrificial lamb to the cruel fantasy football gods was Carson Palmer, who we’ve warned might get injured soon in our fantasy column, considering he’s been among the most-hit quarterbacks in the league. But with Palmer’s injury comes a massive dropoff in production for Larry Fitzgerald, Adrian Peterson, JJ Nelson, John Brown and now, maybe the Cardinals won’t bring back David Johnson.

A dark season gets darker. The knife has been twisted so often it doesn’t even hurt anymore. Like many fantasy football managers, Carson Palmer was picked up to replace Aaron Rodgers, and all is lost. As we head deeper into the second half of the fantasy season, this is when you need wins, and for many people, the wins are extremely hard to come by.

Between the production switcheroo by the Vikings RBs, to the Packers receivers unable to do anything of note, this week was a fresh hell for a specific sect of fantasy owner. Imagine if you owned Melvin Gordon, Damaryius Thomas, T.Y. Hilton or Keenan Allen? The studs have fallen, and fallen hard. Considering Alex Smith, Jared Goff and Dak Prescott’s performances, maybe the changing of the guard is taking place? Who knows. Nothing matters. Terrible. Terrible.

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