Fantasy Football Draft Danger Zone: AFC East Picks That Could Doom Your Team

08.10.17 10 months ago

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Every NFL squad always has a player (or six) that are bound to seduce you into drafting them too high and put you in some variety of Archer certified Danger Zone. These are the sort of fantasy options that could still pay off huge, but come with some serious questions before you make your official selection. We’ve wrangled together a tidy collection of 32 players (one for each team, including the dead mall of a football club that is the New York Jets) that we think are worth having a think about before joining your roster.

Today, we’re visiting the scenic AFC East. Tiger Beat pin-up Bill Belichick has comfortably held his boot on the throat of the rest of the division for a while, so you can understand why other AFC East fans get so sh*tfaced during the season. Whatever dude, it’s fantasy football. Every team could be storing a game-changer, a landmine or someone bound to be injured midway through this sentence.

AFC East

Buffalo Bills – WR Sammy Watkins

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