Favorite Twitter Account Of The Day: Baseball’s Best Fans

As a St. Louis Cardinals fan, I’m generally regarded as more thoughtful, intelligent and ticklish than other baseball fans, because, as everyone in America has agreed unanimously to call us, we are the best fans in baseball. In reality, though, Cardinals fans are no different than any other fans of any other teams in any others sports. There are plenty of a-holes hanging out at Busch Stadium, but they’re the best a-holes in baseball, damn it.

And I know that the Redbird faithful may charge me with treason or blasphemy for leaking this little secret, but Twitter has been leaking it like a busted septic tank long enough, as evidenced by my new favorite Twitter account du jour – Baseball’s Best Fans. A sample:

Basically, a brave, anonymous baseball truther is taking on the fans of the senior circuit’s most decorated franchise and exposing them as witless, offensive, racist, homophobic dolts. Or as we like to call them… sports fans.

After the jump, enjoy a small sampling of @BestFansStLouis.

The best part is probably the neverending loop of Cards fans who use the hash tag #TRADER. The Missouri education system is alive and well.