Favre Even Baffles Psychic Octopuses

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08.06.10 5 Comments

Since being reported on Tuesday that Brett Favre would indeed not play in 2010 it has not-in-the-least-bit-surprisingly been updated that Favre still hasn’t made up his mind. Between reports of Favre’s brother saying one thing, Favre’s cell phone texts saying another, and the Minnesota Vikings supposedly willing to pay him $20 million to return, we’re mired in the same annual summer clusterf*ck and it shouldn’t surprise anyone. So how do we get out of this? We ask an octopus.

Employees of the Underwater Adventure Aquarium in Bloomington, Minnesota decided to see if their prized cephalopod mollusc Loki could mimic the psychic success of Germany’s Paul the Octopus, which correctly predicted eight World Cup matches, including all seven of Germany’s matches and Spain as the eventual champion. The aquarium staffers dropped two mussels into Loki’s tank, one with a picture of Favre and the other with a picture of Favre with a line through it. And the results should not shock anyone.

Video after the jump.

That’s right, Loki – the name also given to the Norse god of mischief (read: an A-hole) – chose the mussel that signaled Favre’s retirement. However, another report reveals that Loki also chose the “returning” mussel. I can only hope there was a third mussel with a picture of the Apocalypse.

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