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Deanna Favre made her blogging debut on the Family of Favre blog on Friday, and obviously she obviously wrote her post from her mother’s basement, where she hangs out nonstop in her underwear and doesn’t get laid. She took umbrage with the recent suspicion that her husband tried to sabotage his old team when the Packers played the Lions in Week 2. And if Deanna Favre says it didn’t happen, then it obviously didn’t happen. Everybody knows that people that survived cancer are incapable of lying.

Over the past couple of weeks, my heart has been very heavy. I have stood by…silently… watching the media continually attack my husband…

Seriously! They’ve been “attacking” him now for…wow, an entire week! Michael Vick never went through this!

Some incidents, like the locker room pranks appear funny (but they are still untrue)… Others, like the questionable phone calls to other teams, are hurtful, distasteful, and… still untrue as they have been reported.

The rest of it reads something like a Hallmark card from Tolstoy, but you get the idea. Every time my wife defends me, it’s always in short, concise sentences, like “We all thought she was 18!” Or, “Why wouldn’t you go all-in with pocket fours?” Those long, rambling thoughts of hers probably caused that cancer to begin with. Hey…what’s that little lump on my nuts?

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