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Jenny Riding, a female jockey in Scotland with a helluva porn name, attacked a soldier in a bar after a war of words escalated to him swearing at her and calling her a smackhead.  Riding, 24, hit Stewart McEwan three times in the face with a pint glass, giving him a gash that required six stitches.

Mr McEwan had gone outside the pub and Riding shouted at him and told him he was a "dead man". He had gone back inside but when he went out for a cigarette later she had started shouting and insulting him again.

"Mr McEwan swore back at her and shouted at her she was a smackhead," said [the prosector]. "The accused had a glass in her hand which was either a tall spirit glass or a pint glass and she hit Mr McEwan on the face with the glass. He recoiled back and she struck him a further two times to the left hand side of the face."

Wow, McEwan must be the pride of the Scottish army.  Real William Wallace kinda guy.  Maybe I'm stereotyping here, but considering jockeys usually weigh about 75 pounds, I think a professional warrior should be able to take a jockey in a bar fight.  Especially a chick jockey.  I'd rather tell my friends I got beat up by a dwarf or a 12-year-old or a pack of butterflies.


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