FIFA Now Admits That Awarding The World Cup To Qatar Was A Mistake

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05.17.14 16 Comments

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So the World Cup in Qatar is a tragic joke. People are dying, workers are being mistreated, and the entire operation is bleeding money. Not that they don’t have it to spend, it’s just insane to think that so much would go into a sporting event.

But now FIFA President Sepp Blatter is officially calling the choice of Qatar for the World Cup a huge mistake. From NBC Sports:

Of course, it was a mistake. You know, one makes a lot of mistakes in life. The technical report indicated clearly that it was too hot in summer, but despite that the executive committee decided with quite a big majority that the tournament would be in Qatar.

So it’s the heat! That’s why this is a mistake. Not the incredible human toll and gross misconduct. Don’t pay attention to that.

If the technical report (or even a quick internet search) indicated that Qatar regularly faces daily highs of 106 degrees in July, dropping below 99 degrees only one of every ten days, why would FIFA ever grant the country permission to host the World Cup? June may be a bit cooler, but it’s unlikely it features pleasant playing temperatures. (via)

The only logical conclusion to me, a certifiable slow adult, is that the decision makers at FIFA decided that Qatar was really on another planet. Through the wormhole. And it’s cold in space. Makes perfect sense to me. The only other explanation is that FIFA is run by lizardmen.

Let’s not forget one thing here. Before we get to the Qatar World Cup, they get to take it to Russia. I bet the dogs are running to hide as we speak.

(Via NBC Sports)

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