When You Fight Joe Fisher, You Also Fight Joe Fisher's Mom

03.13.14 4 years ago 4 Comments

At the recent Ohio Fighting Championship 20 (MARCH MASSACRE!), amateur welterweights Caleb Frasher and Joe Fisher were matched up in the debut fight for both men. Frasher didn’t waste any time, quickly taking Fisher’s back standing, and locking in the fight-ending rear naked choke in 36 seconds. Fisher collapsed to the canvas, the ref stopped the fight, and Frasher celebrated his victory. Unfortunately, Joe’s mom climbed the cage to scream and weird everyone out until security was able to remove her.

I’m sure that totally won’t embarrass Joe Fisher and make it so that he never fights again due to incessant taunting! Thanks, Mom!

Also, peep “Cult Of Personality” playing. IS CM PUNK AT OFC 20 MARCH MASSACRE?!

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