Fighters, Dogs and Abuse – This Week In Sad Combat Sports News

08.07.14 4 years ago 10 Comments

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I’ve said it before, but professional fighters are, generally speaking, not nice individuals. There might be some decent folk here and there, but more often than not, the people that have made the decision to get punched in the brain as a career path aren’t the best dudes.

Case in point, former potential UFC featherweight title challenger Josh Grispi was arrested two times over four days for spousal abuse. In addition to using his own body to harm his wife, Grispi also trained his pitbull to hurt her. According to the report:

Harvey said the victim was mauled by her husband’s dog, which had been trained to attack her. She was treated at a hospital for a concussion, a broken wrist and dog bites to her leg.

Please join me and the entire With Leather family to say F*CK YOU, JOSH GRISPI. If that’s not terrible enough (And it really is), here are several text messages that Grispi sent to his wife that have been entered into the court records:

“UR (expletive) dead and if u even try n bring my kids into it the worse it will b for u and if u try and make a seen (sic) I’ll choke u unconscious and smash ur throat and if u get worse n run around after I’m goin to let Buddy have at u and I’ll walk out of the room.

Don’t cure (sic) you whore, That’s all u think abor (sic) ur a (expletive) scum bag piece of (expletive) who I’m goin enjoy choking to death.

U better not b bluffing about cops cuz I don’t joke ur dead when I see u… Literally. I don’t care I’m going to beat u n throw u to buddy, Ur dead.”

Now, I realize that what he did can’t be fixed by watching him get beat up in the cage, but it can be kind of therapeutic. So here’s Grispi getting TKO’d via body shot by George Roop.

And here’s Rani Yahya choking out Grispi in 2012. Sadly, Grispi never did end up fighting Jose Aldo, otherwise there would be a video of Jose kicking Josh’s terrible head off his sh*tty shoulders.

Sadly, speaking of kicks, and also dogs, the Muay Thai kickboxer formerly known as Buakaw Por. Pramuk, now Buakaw Banchamek, was filmed abusing a small puppy. Buakaw uses the dog’s own paw to strike it in the face several times, all while the dog is yelping in obvious pain as Buakaw laughs. The video was originally on Instagram, was then uploaded to YouTube, but has since been removed. It wasn’t graphic, but it certainly wasn’t innocuous

Again, to help us all feel a little better, here’s Yoshihiro Sato knocking out Buakaw back in 2008 (This is the only fight I could find where Buakaw got KO’d). What Buakaw did isn’t as monstrous as Grispi’s actions, but it’s still pretty foul.

I have a proposition to any fighters that are suffering from some public image woes: Go to Massachusetts or Thailand and film yourself socking either of these dudes REALLY F*CKING HARD in the face. Jon Jones, I think you are an insincere dingus, but if you elbow Grispi’s face in half, I’ll let everything other than your homophobia issues slide. Please, someone be the Keith Hackney to these assh*les Joe Son.

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