‘Final Fourers’ Is The College Basketball Spring Breakers Parody You’ve Been Waiting For

If you frequent FilmDrunk (and you do, obviously), you’re familiar with the outstanding hype and mildly-enjoyable execution of Harmony Korine’s Spring Breakers, the story of what happens when you ask James Franco and a bunch of girls from the Disney Channel to remake Kids without telling them what Kids is about. It gave us months of gratuitous Selena Gomez crotch shots, discussions about MTV Riff Raff and totally reasonable character posters.

Finally, as if given to me by the Lord himself, there is a sports-themed Spring Breakers parody.

Here’s Final Fourers, the gritty reimagining that replaces Spring Break with the NCAA Tournament, replaces beautiful Disney teens with comedians, and replaces James Franco with … well, I’m pretty sure that’s still James Franco. The highly anticipated trailer is after the jump. I can’t wait until the red band version, where they can show Kevin Ware’s leg being broken.

Somebody send this to James Franco, there is a legit 80% chance he will star in and bankroll it. Or “star in and start a Kickstarter for,” at least.

[via, h/t to Hal Rudnick]