12.02.08 9 years ago 10 Comments

This video is what’s wrong with our country.  As you can see, American youths still display a certain sort of destructive ingenuity, as they dip tennis balls in lighter fluid, light them on fire, then proceed to play tennis with flaming tennis balls.  Unfortunately, they go about it like a bunch of pussies, gently lobbing fireballs in lazy arcs to each other.  F that, man.  If we’d played fire tennis as kids, you can bet we would have been hitting the balls as hard as we could directly at each other.  Just like Roman candle tag.

Another thing wrong with this video: rap metal.  Prepare yourself for BOOM! and cutting your life into pieces and ticking before more BOOMs, or whatever it is those disenfranchised suburban kids use to connect with their alienation.


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