02.04.09 10 years ago 16 Comments

UPDATE: Embedded video works now.

This video of a drugged-up kid after a trip to the dentist spread like wildfire yesterday afternoon, and I feel like I’d be doing some kind of disservice if I didn’t post it myself. Sports blogs were quick to seize on the “He’s a Gators fan” angle to translate it to sports, but I think that’s kinda BS. Like, it’s just a t-shirt. Maybe he’s not a Gators fan at all. Maybe he’s just supporting the Florida anthropology department. Like, if you saw someone in a Princeton t-shirt, you couldn’t just assume that that person’s an asshole.

Wait. Bad example.

My point is, there doesn’t need to be a sports angle to enjoy a child under the influence of drugs. Just ask the kids in my basement.

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