Floyd Mayweather And Gennady Golovkin Trade Verbal Jabs, And These Two Really Need To Fight

Scary boxing monster Gennady “Triple G” Golovkin was recently on TMZ Sports to discuss some challenges that had been thrown down in front of him.

Despite telling Floyd Mayweather that he’s happily retired, Oscar De La Hoya said that if he does return to the ring, he’d love to fight Golovkin. To his credit, Golovkin said he would be up for fighting Oscar, despite the potential for him to crack open De La Hoya’s head and collect a prize.

Next up, Golovkin fielded the “What If” question of dropping down to face Floyd Mayweather at 153 pounds. He said that would be his “dream fight,” adding, “Of course I’d beat him. One hundred percent. I’m ready for anybody.” Part of me thinks this is due to me anti-jinxing things by not directly listing Triple G as the person Floyd should have his retirement fight against back in May.

Mayweather was made aware of Golovkin’s claims and responded, saying that Gennady is okay, but has no “special effects” and that nobody can beat him at his weight. Mayweather also said that Golovkin’s last opponent, Willie Monroe, would have beaten him if Floyd was instructing him.

On the other hand, Golovkin said he allowed Monroe to come back in that fight to put on a show for the fans. You’d think Mayweather, who made $115,000 betting on Golovkin, would have remembered that.

Hopefully Triple G versus Mayweather can actually happen because that would really be the “Big Drama Show” Golovkin talks about.