Floyd Mayweather Buries The Hatchet And Wishes Ronda Rousey ‘Nothing But The Best’

Floyd Mayweather is doing some media for his next big bucks pay-per-view fight against Andre Berto on September 12th. Alas, no one is all that enthralled with the matchup so questions have largely been about other topics – how much longer Floyd will box, who he thinks is second best after him, and of course… Ronda Rousey.

Surprisingly, Money Mayweather was much less derogatory than usual regarding Rousey. His latest comments are kinda conspicuously positive according to Fight Hub TV:

“Like I said before, I don’t really know too much about Ronda Rousey. Even before, I think they got upset because I thought Ronda Rousey… you know, I didn’t know who that was. So, whoever, whoever… she is… because before, I didn’t know who she was, you know? I wish her nothing but the best. Good luck with everything.”

That’s Floyd referencing one of the first moments in the Mayweather / Rousey feud where he said he had no idea who this Ron DeRousey guy was. You can almost see the internal battle in his brain as he tries to decide whether to keep riding the diss train or switch it up and extend an olive branch. He goes positive this time … not like it’s bound to make a big change in the way Ronda Rousey talks about him.

Then again, if you told me two weeks ago Ronda would be a spokeswoman for Carl’s Jr. I’d have said you were crazy. So maybe the two combat sports superstars could reconcile. Maybe they could even date! Which would be great, since Ronda has gone on record saying that’s the only way she might get into a punch up with Floyd.

(Via Fight Hub TV)