Floyd Mayweather Jr. Says Conor McGregor Is The Only Opponent Who Will Bring Him Out Of Retirement

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For a fight that many experts predict will never happen, there sure has been a lot of news about Floyd Mayweather Jr. fighting Conor McGregor. That’s because Mayweather is stoking the flames for the hypothetical boxing vs. MMA match, telling the press, “The rumors that you all have been hearing are the rumors that I started. It may not be a rumor.”

This isn’t just a passing fancy for Mayweather, either. He reiterated his desire to face McGregor in a video with ESNews, saying it’s the only fight worth coming out of retirement for.

“If I do fight, it’s only against Conor McGregor,” he said. “That’s gonna be my only fight and not against nobody else because this matchup is just so intriguing. You have a fighter against an MMA fighter, one of the best MMA fighters to do combat and stand up and do it. He’s a strong fighter, and when I look at him fight, he’s a little faster than I thought he was. So if the fight happens, I can’t overlook the guy. I’m pretty sure… if we make the fight happen, I’m pretty sure he’s gonna push me to the limit.”

There are still no specifics on how the fight would come together, though.

“I’m pretty sure we’re gonna have a master plan to make that fight happen. It hasn’t happened yet, but we locked down some dates. Me and my team, me and Al Haymon, me and Leonard Ellerbe, we locked down some dates in different countries, in different cities in the United States. And you already know what my number is, $100 million. That’s just the guarantee. We don’t talk about my number on the back end.”

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