Football Trick Shots? Please And Thank You

02.09.11 7 years ago 6 Comments

Basketball trick shots, sit the f-ck down. UConn quarterback Johnny McEntee takes a football to make awesome football trick shots, but that’s not all. He then decides to go hit the basketball courts and take over their turf. GET THE F-CK OUT OF THE WAY, KEMBA WALKER.

Although the background music is a tad dated (Really? “Paper Planes” and “Kids”? I didn’t know I was at a pregaming session in a dorm room two years ago), I can overlook that due to the skill Johnny Mac (I heard that’s what he’s called on the streets, yo) shows during this video. Go f-ck yourselves, Dude Perfect. It is worth all five minutes to watch and gets progressively better as you do. It’s a lot like 2girls1cup. Wait, why are you giving me that funny look? I thought everyone was really grossed out at the BEGINNING of that video? Yes, I figured since you’re already listening to “Paper Planes” and “Kids,” I might as well fully transport you to two years ago and make a 2girls1cup joke.

Video via Fat White Guy, whose blog is definitely worth your time.

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