Forget The Kiss Cam! The Braves Just Invented The Simba Cam And It’s Amazing!

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#SimbaCam sure is catching on.

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Baseball is a America’s favorite pastime, but like all sports, it has its drawbacks. Take the Kiss Cam for instance. This time-honored tradition began back in the ’80s as a way to take up time in between intervals of play. Why people enjoy watching complete strangers engage in excessive PDA on Jumboscreens, we’ll never really know, but it’s safe to say that people swapping spit and probably transmitting mono in the process is a bit played out. People have tried to come up with alternatives; there’s the dance cam, the smile cam, the punch someone in the face cam (ok, that last one’s not real, but how awesome would it be?), but they’re all pretty boring in comparison.

Well it looks like the Atlanta Braves have finally found a suitable replacement. The Simba Cam, so named for everyone’s favorite ’90s Disney movie, pans to fans in the crowd — and the players themselves — and prompts them to reenact the famous opening shot of Rafiki presenting the new lion king to residents of the pridelands. It’s an iconic and pretty serious scene in the film, but it’s just plain hilarious when two grown men try to do it.