Former Wrestler & Wretched Human ‘Rock ’N’ Roll’ Buck Zumhofe Will Spend The Rest Of His Life In Prison

If you’re a wrestling fan and don’t remember ‘Rock N’ Roll’ Buck Zumhofe, don’t feel bad. At his best he was a 3-time AWA World Light Heavyweight Champion and a 2-time tag team champion in World Class, but he’s probably best known to modern fans as the guy Triple H faced in his WWE debut, or as one of the guys Yokozuna sat on in the early 90s.

What you probably should know about Buck is that he’s a child molester who just got hit with a 26-year prison sentence for sexually abusing his daughter over a 12-year period. Oh, and trying to flee once he realized he was caught. “310 months in prison on two first-degree and two third-degree counts of criminal sexual conduct.” He’s 63 right now, so if he makes it that long, he’ll be in his 80s when he gets out.

One of the worst parts of the story is that this isn’t Zumhofe’s first stint in prison for molesting a kid. Not even his second He was jailed back in 1986 for sexual misconduct involving a minor, then again in 1989 for a fourth degree sexual conduct with a minor conviction that sent him away for 36 months. You know, before all the things modern fans might know him for. How terrifying is that? The guy’s notable modern wrestling career happened after he’d been twice jailed for sexually assaulting a child. WRESTLING!

“Mr. Zumhofe shows no remorse for his actions, even if he finally admitted (in the presentence investigation) that they happened,” [Assistant County Attorney Aaron] Welch said. “This is an extreme sentence, but Mr. Zumhofe’s actions can be described as nothing less than extreme.”

[Zumhofe’s attorney Carter] Greiner argued that his client wants to submit to treatment and get help, suggesting stayed prison time and probation.

“Mr. Zumhofe is very, very ashamed,” Greiner said. “It’s not easy to come clean.”

Here are a few Zumhofe clips, should you want to familiarize yourself with this POS.