FOX News Called Erin Andrews A ‘Television Performer’ (To Her Face)

02.03.14 5 years ago 10 Comments

Erin Andrews FOX New television performer

First things first, congratulations to the Seattle Seahawks for becoming Super Bowl champions. If we didn’t have an NFL-dedicated sister site, that’s all you’d be reading about on here today. Spoiler alert: it’s all you’re gonna read about today anyway.

Second things first (?), here’s FOX News’ Howard Kurtz interviewing sideline reporter Erin Andrews for Media Buzz and calling her a “television performer” to her face. Jump to 2:15 for that great moment when a LIBERAL like me is allowed to TWIST HIS WORDS and tell people he’s LOLing and calling her a sports-entertainer. Watch him bobbing his head as he busts out “journalist.” Dude’s two seconds away from calling her a WWE Diva.

The interesting, non-inferred moment of the interview was Andrews declaring that she wished more NFL athletes would be like Richard Sherman, that heartless, compassionless thug who is now a rich happy educated millionaire AND a Super Bowl Champion.

(Meanwhile, Crabtree is almost finished with this jigsaw puzzle he picked up at the store over the weekend.)

“I don’t think it was bizarre, I think it was great,” Andrews said, contrasting Sherman’s reaction to the more pedestrian, precooked responses she usually gets from ballplayers. “I wish more athletes would be like that…We want someone to lose their minds like that…That’s why it went viral, that’s why people were going bananas over it. You don’t usually see athletes doing that. You see them very composed.”

Peyton Manning is already saving up to buy one of those funny “sexy” Halloween costumes to wear for post-game interviews next season.

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