12.23.07 10 years ago 13 Comments

It's Bears vs. Packers week, which means even though the Monsters of the Midway suck this season, I'm watching the game because ancient hatreds must be cultivated or else they'll die. As I listened to the FOX Network's NFL Sunday and contemplated suicide, I was intrigued to learn that the name of FOX's football robot is Cleatus. The robot was named in write-in contest by a viewer from (surprise, surprise) Cheyenne, Wyoming. This is pretty much the worst name for a robot ever, and I'd like to see some better suggestions in the comments.  Plus, FOX already has a Cletus.

Anyway, typing 'robot' and 'fox' into a Google image search will get you many pics of the lovely Megan Fox, so enjoy. But remember, robots are dangerous. -KD

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