Watch Rob Riggle And Ken Jeong Take Down The NFC East With This Adele Parody

Save for a few clunkers here and there, Rob Riggle’s segments on “Fox NFL Sunday” have been pretty great since he took over the job from Frank Caliendo in 2012, but he may have reached his peak with this parody of Adele’s “Hello” music video that also featured Ken Jeong.

Riggle (or, more accurately, the Adele sound-a-like who absolutely nailed it) took on the very bad NFC East, one of only two divisions – along with the AFC South – to not to have a team over the .500 mark entering Week 9. None of the four teams are spared as Riggle pokes fun at Jason Pierre-Paul’s hand injury, DeMarco Murray and Chip Kelly’s ineffectiveness, the Cowboys quarterback troubles (nothing on Greg Hardy though) and of course the Redskins’ racist name.

Jeong also helps out by lip syncing lines like “I think I finally get Adele, because loving and losing is hard as hell” which in the context of being an Eagles’ fan is pretty great.  Also he did this, which really doesn’t need an explanation.

Adele just gets what it’s like to love a terrible football team in a terrible division.

(Via Fox Sports)