Fresno State’s Fans Have Huge Balls

Senior Writer
11.17.10 7 Comments

On Saturday, the Fresno State Bulldogs lost a 35-34 heartbreaker to the Nevada Wolf Pack at home as the entire nation watched to see which team would elevate itself to permanent glory. Well, not really, but it was a decent enough game that it kept most of the 37,116 fans in their seats. All but one, actually. An unnamed fan took to the field to display his rippling physique and unparalleled fashion sense, as well as mock the field crew as they tried to apprehend him.

The unruly fan got a pretty good start on the crew, as you can see on the video after the jump, but then it’s basically a bunch of “I give up, please stop bouncing my face off of this hard ground.” The security staff really did a great job in wrangling this turd, as it was one of the quicker semi-streaker grabs we’ve seen in recent history. And while it’s not as great as the Phillies tazing, I give this an A- for entertainment. It was also apparently the second time that a fan has rushed the field at Bulldog Stadium this season, so perhaps they’ll hang this fan’s lifeless body from the top as a warning to all other hooligans.

Come, join us as we remember some of this year’s better idiot fan encounters…

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