‘Friendship Bracelet’ Is The New ‘Tuck Rule’

05.11.10 8 years ago 15 Comments

Robin Laird, a California high school pole vaulter, just got jobbed at her league championship track meet when she was disqualified for wearing…a friendship bracelet. Some friend she turned out to be…

[Laird] planted the pole, lifted herself into the air and soared easily over the bar to give her team a 66-61 victory. While half the crowd cheered and the other half groaned, Monrovia coach Mike Knowles reacted by pointing to his wrist and gesturing toward Laird, who was wearing a thin, colorful string bracelet.

“This is my 30th year coaching track,” [opposing Monrovia High] coach Mike Knowles said a few days later. “I know a lot of rules and regulations.”

The rule in this case — Section 3, Article 3 of the National Federation of State High School Associations — is clear: “Jewelry shall not be worn by contestants.” So is the penalty, and in the time it takes to read “the competitor is disqualified from the event,” South Pasadena’s win was transformed into a 65-62 victory for Monrovia. –SI.com. Thanks, Ryan.

I don’t get it. When Kobe Bryant fouls out of the game, they don’t take the 20 points that he scored off the scoreboard. If Laird already had completed her vault, that vault should count. But whatever. I have a hard time feeling sorry for some white girl that’s still alive. Especially when she could have just taken the damn bracelet off.

Laird will be attending Southern Cal in the fall. I’m sure she’ll be seeing plenty of poles in her future. You know, like flagpoles and stuff. What did you think I meant?

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