Fumble-icious Touchdown Will Blow Your Mind, Prove Your Mom Is Psychic

10.19.10 8 years ago 6 Comments

I can only assume that losing a football game on a last second kick return is a dull, aching pain that makes seconds feel like years, and fans of any NFL team feel like they root for the Bills. And while I’m still only able to assume the flip side of such a situation, I can only imagine it’s like having Katy Perry showing up at my doorstep saying that she’s read all of my letters and can’t stand to be without me any longer. She may or may not be naked, but will most definitely dispense beer straight to my mouth from her teat.

Anywho, the Butler High School football team trailed their opponent by 7 with 1.8 seconds to play this past Friday night. And, as you have probably recognized by my hilarious, yet completely unnecessary introduction, they get the ball into the endzone through a series of fumbles and laterals. What happens next is sure to go down in high school lore, carved next to “for a good time, call Amanda” in bathroom stalls the school over.

Butler, like anyone waiting for a check at Buffalo Wild Wings, decided to go for two. And like that very same bathroom trip at B Dubs, it pays off huge.

Finally, Caldwell got the ball at the 50-yard line and broke into the open, crossing the goal with no time left.

After the officials huddled for a few minutes, the referee raised his arms and signaled touchdown.

Now down 41-40, Butler went for the two-point conversion. Quarterback J.D. Morgan rolled right, looking as if he was going to pass.

Morgan then decided to run and went into the end zone standing up for the two points and the win. High School Sports

Go stuff a nerd in a locker today, Butler High School football team. You guys deserve it.

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