Future Headlines: Ryan Howard Takes Huge Hit On $23 Million Mansion

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04.12.12 3 Comments

When Ryan Howard first injured his Achilles at the end of Game 5 of last year’s NLDS, the Philadelphia Phillies hoped that his surgery and recovery would land him back in the lineup sometime around May. Unfortunately, the injury turned out to be worse than expected and Howard also suffered an infection, so the Phils actually have no clue when he’s going to be ready to start running again. (He has been fielding ground balls, so that’s good.)

But this is the first year of Howard’s 5-year extension that he signed last year – worth $125 million – so obviously there’s a little concern about Howard’s Achilles and the fact that he’s 32-years old. Howard’s not worried, though, because only a man with complete confidence in not only his ability to heal and perform at an elite level again but also his financial decision-making would purchase a $23 million mansion in Belleair Beach, Florida.

Howard paid $3.5 million for the lot in February 2011, and construction will get underway this month on the 17,500 square-foot mansion, estimated to cost $23 million.

The home, which will be built on land that occupies over an acre of Gulf-front property, will include a “Venice-style lazy river running from the swimming pool underneath a series of bridges” and a bowling alley with breakaway walls.

Taxes for the lot cost $33,684 in 2011, according to Zillow. So, not surprisingly, the town is eager to make an exception for what figures to be an an over three-year construction project…

(Via Crossing Broad)

Indeed, Howard’s new beach mansion will take three years to build, which violates every regulation in his new hometown, but city planners and leaders tend to be a bit more forgiving to guys who will make 1/8th of a billion dollars through 2017. Let’s hope he has a little more luck with his mansion than some other guys. Or at least JaMarcus Russell.

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