The Sports World Is Getting Ready For The Return Of ‘Game Of Thrones’

07.16.17 8 months ago

In case you somehow haven’t heard, Game of Thrones returns Sunday night at 9 p.m. ET as the penultimate season of HBO’s premier show begins its seventh season. Fans of the show are as ravenous and loyal as any television show’s fan base, and so the weeks leading up to the Season 7 premiere have been filled with anxious binge-watching to catch up and fan theories trying to figure out what will happen this season.

The show has become as unavoidable a piece of popular culture as we’ve had in the past few decades, which means it has fans in all walks of life, including the sports world. I’m not just talking about us sports media types who spend our Sunday nights watching, but there are a number of athletes who have gotten into Thrones as well.

On Sunday, with just hours until the start of Season 7, Twitter was filled with people expressing their excitement about the show’s return and there were a few athletes who chimed in as well. It’s not quite the universally loved show among athletes that it seems to be in other corners, but the sports Thrones fanatics are out there and not afraid to let us know about it.

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