Georges St-Pierre Won’t Be Ready To Fight Michael Bisping Until November, Which Sucks

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Back when the UFC held a big press conference in March to announce Georges St-Pierre’s return to the Octagon against unlikely middleweight champion Michael Bisping, the promotion failed to provide a date for the contest, which seemed … a bit weird. Both UFC president Dana White and Michael Bisping kept saying July 8th for UFC 213 was the likely date, but sources close to GSP’s camp were saying the former welterweight champ wanted a fall date.

No need to rely on the rumor mill any longer. Here’s Georges St-Pierre himself telling Bisping over social media that he’s ready to fight any time ‘after October.’

“Mr. Bisping, I cleared my schedule to get ready for training camp after the summer,” St-Pierre said, sporting a Captain America rashguard. “So I can fight you any time after October. You pick the date. Let’s get it on.”

As excited as we are for St-Pierre’s comeback, this news is a pretty big blow to our enthusiasm. If this was just about GSP and Michael Bisping, it would be no big deal. But Bisping currently holds the UFC middleweight championship, and 185 pounds is currently the most exciting division in the UFC. It’s overflowing with legit challengers trying to get a shot at the belt … one that won’t come for a long while now that St-Pierre has kindly cleared his schedule for a post-October date.

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