Georgia Guttadauro Makes SportsCenter’s Top Plays, Is Adorable About It

Pro Wrestling Editor

With Jennie Finch gone, we don’t spend a lot of time writing about women’s softball. It’s a horrible, lookist oversight. But hey, to our credit, the only time we talk about softball at all is when Bill Cosby’s wearing a Ghost Dad softball tee 25 years ago. Even then, softball stories are rarely adorable.

That changes today, thanks to Penn Quakers junior Georgia Guttadauro. She made a great diving catch during the College Station Regional Tournament Central in a game against Arizona and popped up as #2 on SportsCenter’s top 10 plays. That’s a dream come true for a lot of young players, and a rare occurrence for someone who plays non-media-juggernaut sports and/or doesn’t end up starting for the Heat or the Red Sox. What’s adorable is that cameras were on hand to catch Georgia’s reaction to making the list … her smile, her goofy laugh, and her sweet but also-sorta-sad comments like “I’m Georgia, and this is as famous as I’ll ever be.”

You never know, Georgia.

[h/t to Bob’s Blitz]

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