Giancarlo Hit A Baseball Stupid Hard For This Line Drive Home Run

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There are certain immutable facts of life that no one bothers to argue, like the sky is blue and the Earth is round. Another one of those basic principles is that Miami Marlins slugger Giancarlo Stanton hits baseballs really friggin’ hard. On Thursday in Philadelphia, Giancarlo once again proved that there are some things we can all rely on in this crazy, mixed up world by demolishing a pitch by some poor schmo named Justin De Fratus.

ESPN’s Hit Tracker measured that blast at 113.6 MPH when it came off of Stanton’s bat, which actually isn’t in the top five for hardest-hit home runs this year, somehow. What makes this one special is how low it was — only 46 feet off the ground at its highest point, second-lowest in baseball this year. It was hit much harder than the only one lower this season, which means it was the quickest home run to leave the park this year. My inexact count puts it at less than four seconds, which is just unreal.

Here’s another angle that reinforces how silly this homer was:

It was lucky that this was hit during a mid-week day game, because otherwise someone may have gotten very hurt.