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The Winter Olympics held their closing ceremonies last night in a display so grandiose and over-the-top that it would have made any gay pride parade look like business casual Friday. Pretty much every Canadian that you’d ever heard of that wasn’t involved in the opening ceremonies was there, including actor Catherine O’Hara, Alanis Morrisette, Michael J. Fox (I got his autograph once) and Nickelback.

Canada, after a slow start, set a Winter Games record with 14 golds and sparked public enthusiasm in Vancouver that veterans of multiple Olympics described as unsurpassed.

The comeback by the Canadian athletes was mirrored by the determination of the Vancouver Organizing Committee. It struggled with a series of glitches and weather problems early in the games, adjusted as best it could, and reached the finish line winning widespread praise for an exceptional Olympics—albeit one tinged with sadness. –Y! Sports.

I doubt that American viewers feel the same way, between the tape delays and thin catalogue of games to watch that didn’t involve Lindsey Vonn or Shaun White or that guy with the racing stripe on his face, and then there was Team USA’s heartbreaking loss in the gold medal game to Canada in ice hockey. America will just move on to the remainder of their sports calendar: spring training, the Masters, and looking at boobs. Yeah, that’s a sport now, and we plan to cover it extensively.

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