Giants Players Were Furious The Eagles Tanked By Pulling Jalen Hurts For Nate Sudfeld

The Washington Football Team are playoff bound as the NFC East champions after beating the Eagles 20-14 on Sunday night in what was, fittingly, a hideous football game.

The final quarter of play saw some hilariously bad play, thanks in large part to the Eagles pulling Jalen Hurts from the game and inserting, not Carson Wentz but Nate Sudfeld into the game. Sudfeld responded with two turnovers late to kill any chances of Philly to upset the Football Team and ruin their hopes of a getting a higher draft pick in one of the most blatant examples of tanking you’ll see.

This was upsetting, chiefly, to Giants players and fans who needed a Philly win to make the playoffs after having held on to beat the Cowboys earlier in the day. The G Men were all at home watching with baited breath and when Pederson swapped Sudfeld in for Hurts, well, they couldn’t believe their eyes.

Golden Tate was the most vocal as he lobbed various theories at the wall as to why the Eagles would so blatantly tank the final quarter with the game on the line, taking it as the Eagles simply hate the Giants more than the Football Team.

Hurts didn’t have a great passing night, but he had accounted for the Eagles only scores of the game with two rushing touchdowns. Given how long it took for Philly to make the switch to Hurts, you would think maybe they would want to get him as many game reps as possible, particularly in a close game like that one, but their eyes were on the draft (and keeping Hurts healthy) going forward and so, we got Sudfeld action. Maybe making matters worse and twisting the knife on the Giants was this explanation after the game from Eagles coach Doug Pederson.

Eagles fans won’t care and Football Team fans will be grateful as they now play host to the Bucs on Saturday night for playoff action. Whenever we get our first Giants-Eagles game next fall, though, expect there to be some extra juice on the New York side after what transpired on Sunday.