Two Girls’ High-School Basketball Teams Had Their Seasons Canceled After This Nasty Brawl

A brawl during a recent Indiana girls’ high-school basketball game has resulted in the cancellation of both teams’ seasons. The ugly incident played out this past Saturday, when the matchup between Pike and Ben Davis spiraled out of control and led to players from both sides getting violent on the court.

According to IHSAA Commissioner Bobby Cox (no, not that Bobby Cox), tensions were running high throughout the very physical game, but that the ultimate result was “unacceptable.”

“When we have these things occur, it’s unacceptable and we hope the message is it’s not going to be tolerated,” Cox said.

The commissioner says tensions were running high through the entire game before the fight.

“It was a physical game, a lot of fouls were called,” Cox said. “I think our contest officials did everything in their power to keep that game under control. The coaches did as well.”

The commissioner said the discipline was not the most severe his organization could have imposed. He added that discipline of individual players will be up to their school’s administration to decide.

One would assume that the girl caught on video stomping an opponent laying on the ground will be one of those players who may have to face some additional discipline.

As a part of their punishment, coaches from both sides will have to take behavioral courses, while players will need to take sportsmanship courses. Both teams will also not be able to play in this year’s state tournament and will be on probation for the entire next season.

(Via WTHR)

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