These Sorority Girls Would Rather Take Duck-Faced Selfies Than Watch Boring Baseball

On Wednesday night, the Colorado Rockies were in Arizona to face the Diamondbacks for a late-season game between two teams that have long-since been out of playoff contention. Around this time of year, the only things teams like these have to play for is a chance to get a closer look at some of their recently-promoted minor-leaguers, as well as to jockey for which position they’ll get to select in next year’s amateur draft. Aside from that, the game itself is relatively meaningless and left for only the biggest diehards to enjoy. If the video above is any indication, these girls obviously do not qualify in that regard.

During live game action in the bottom of the fourth inning, cameras focused in on roughly a dozen sorority girls in the stands who could not be bothered by what was going on in the game. Instead, they spent a full two minutes trying to get perfect selfies.

When outfielder David Peralta lined a base hit to center field, they could not have cared less. And it’s probably safe to assume that they also didn’t care when the Diamondbacks went home as 3-1 winners.

It’s tough to blame them; some would argue that taking selfies for two hours is more fun than watching a late-season Diamondbacks game. However, this quote still may be relevant:

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