05.04.09 10 years ago 4 Comments

The Dallas Cowboys’ bubble burst over the weekend–literally. The “bubble” being the canopy covering the Cowboys’ practice facility after a tornado ripped through the area and injured 12 members of the organization. From CNN:

About 70 people, including more than two dozen of the team’s rookies, were in the facility when it was blown down shortly before 3:30 p.m. (4:30 p.m. ET), team officials said.

CNN affiliate WFAA reported Cowboys special teams coach Joe DeCamillis, the son-in-law of former NFL head coach Dan Reeves, suffered a broken back. DeCamillis was seen on a stretcher wearing a neck brace.

Among the injuries was Rich Beem, one of the Cowboys’ scouting assistants who will now be paralyzed from the waist down after the accident. That’s horrible. But I think this also confirms what every non-Cowboys fan always knew: God hates the Cowboys. And apparently Rich Beem. And again, that’s a tragedy. Not Tomy Romo Fumbling Away A Possible Super Bowl tragedy. Not on that specific frequency of tragedy, but still really, really sad.

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