‘You Got What I Eat’: Kate Upton And Snoop Dogg Parodied Biz Markie For Hot Pockets

Hot Pockets made the daring move of pairing Snoop Dogg with Kate Upton in a video to promote their product because… well, because the people at Hot Pockets understand how the Internet works. This thing will have a million views by the end of the week, and not because of Snoop, or Bow Wow (he’s also in it), or the trippy animations (how high are those sheep?), or the spaceship powered by a single mixer beater, or the catchy parody of Biz Markie’s iconic “Just a Friend.”

Nope. Despite there being more absurd stuff in this video than can possibly be listed — and her not doing much of anything — Kate Upton is the headliner here, as is always the case in 2013. As long as she’s in it, nothing else in this video has to make a lick of sense (and it certainly doesn’t).