Great News For People Who Want Big Butts


If you’re worried that the special lady in your life has been packing on a few extra pounds this holiday season, you’re in luck. Kim Kardashian wants to help women look more like her and starting after Christmas, they’ll be able to when they watch her new workout DVD, Ultimate Butt Body Sculpt.

Basically, as that title implies, Kardashian’s ass is the “Ultimate Butt” and it is the derriere that all women should aspire to have. So all they have to do is follow Kim’s quick and easy workout routine that involves two tiny dumbbells and the ability to step up and down, and VOILA! They’’ll have an ass like two honey baked hams.

A DVD as genius as this should have been given to us years ago. So what the hell took so long?

The DVD, which was made in conjunction with Kardashian-endorsed weight-loss supplement Quick Trim in 2009, will be released in the UK on December 26.

The decision to promote the video comes after Kris, whom Kim filed for divorce from on October 31, made derogatory comments about the star’s shape.

(Via the Daily Mail)

Ah yes, that whole thing with Kris Humphries calling Kim fat. How convenient. But that Quick Trim bit, that’s pretty interesting. You see, Quick Trim is just another BS “lose weight fast” product that doesn’t actually do anything for people and really only ends up making them fatter.

Honestly, I’m just surprised that Kim hasn’t teamed up with the transgender doctor in Miami Gardens and endorsed women injecting cement into their asses. I’m sure that’s on the burner for Valentine’s Day, though.