Horrifying Photos And A 911 Call From Greg Hardy’s Assault Of His Girlfriend Have Surfaced

New England Patriots v Dallas Cowboys
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(WARNING: This post contains photos that are graphic.)

On Friday afternoon, Deadspin published a lengthy piece detailing the assault case against Dallas Cowboys defensive Greg Hardy. The incident resulted in Hardy, then a member of the Carolina Panthers, getting suspended for the majority of last season, as well as the first four games of 2015.

It was previously known that Hardy had been accused of abusing the woman, Nicole Holder, and threatening her. According to Holder, Hardy threw her against a bathroom wall and then dragged her out of the bathroom by her hair before throwing her on a futon covered in assault rifles and threatening to kill her.

In addition to details of those accounts, the report sheds light on the night in question and provides many more details that weren’t previously public knowledge, including what happened afterwards. It also includes many photos that were taken of both Holder and Hardy immediately afterward.

Those photos show Holder covered in bruises in various places all over her body.

Shortly after Deadspin published its piece, ESPN’s Outside the Lines aired a report, which also included audio tapes from the 911 calls on the night of the incident.

Now the question becomes whether or not the Cowboys or the NFL will take further action against Hardy.